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Walk Through Inspection: A Smart Alternative in a Seller’s Market

It’s a fact that with a home market this hot, buyers are doing everything they can to make their bids as competitive as possible. And it is hot: Homes in Kitsap County are being snapped up in the space of three weeks due to the lack of inventory and the surge in buyers.

This includes exceeding the asking price, offering to pay in cash, and skipping the traditional home inspection. Redfin reported that last December, three out of 10 successful offers brokered by its agents had the home inspection waived, more than double the amount a year ago.

In a market where there aren’t enough homes to go around, buyers are willing to take the risk of not knowing what potential issues their new purchase will have. Beacon Home Inspections has increasingly been asked if it can provide a verbal inspection in lieu of a traditional home inspection.

We still advocate for a proper home inspection as it gives you the fullest picture of your potential investment. Given the unusually tight market however, we understand the constraints our clients are under and have designed a Walk Through Inspection that, although not a replacement for a traditional home inspection, offers buyers some extra peace of mind.

What is a Walk Through Inspection?

In a Walk Through Inspection, the Beacon home inspector accompanies a client on his or her inspection of a property. This is much quicker than a traditional home inspection, does not involve using home inspection tools or equipment, and does not go in-depth into various aspects of the property. Instead it only covers the core areas of a property that often require the most investment should there be any issues.

As the potential buyer walks through the property, the home inspector will point out any issues identified visually in these core areas. The client takes down notes and questions are encouraged. No written report will be offered after the consultation.

Clients must sign an agreement that clearly states that the inspector is not providing a traditional home inspection which complies with state of Washington laws and/or industry Standards of Practice. Any observations an inspector makes during a Walk Through Inspection are informal and made for your use only.

What is included in a Walk Through Inspection?

A Walk Through Inspection is limited to these five areas:

• Roof

• Exterior (siding, trim)


• Main electrical panel

• Water heater

• Foundation

Benefits of a Walk Through Inspection

• Speed. A Walk Through Inspection takes 1 – 2 hours and you get information instantly.

• Convenience. Instead of scheduling a home inspection separately which can be a challenge when a property has

multiple showings, you can have a Walk Through Inspection at the same time you are examining your potential


• Expertise on tap. Your Walk Through Inspection is your time to ask the inspector any questions you may have about

the core areas of a property. He or she will answer your questions to the best of their knowledge, with the caveat

that a traditional home inspection with time and the right tools can provide the most analysis and insight.

• Extra peace of mind. Take a calculated risk instead of a leap of faith. A Walk Through Inspection will give you a bird’s

eye view of potential issues so you can factor in these costs.


Fee: Walk Through Inspections start at $175.00 for standard homes. Larger and/or older properties may warrant more time and cost.

For booking or quote information please e-mail us at [email protected] or call (214) 973-0448.

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